In 2015, Sunderland won funding as one of the first vanguard sites in England and started a journey to radically change the way health and social care was delivered to those who need it most.

The All Together Better Sunderland vanguard programme brought a wide range of specialist care providers together to explore how best to work together as one team and improve services for local people in line with the NHS Five Year Forward View.

The overarching aim is to provide better, more efficient community-based, GP-led care using new ways of working, new technologies and improved planning in order to keep people as well as possible and out of hospital. This website provides a range of information and resources that demonstrates the work.

Latest News and Case Studies from ATB Sunderland

Life is All Together Better for Ken

A Washington man has been given a new lease of life, thanks to a joined-up team of health and social care workers. Life for Ken Murray, 74, has been transformed – from an existence once characterised by loneliness and poor living conditions, to one filled with pride...

Reaping the benefits of improving self care

Jill Meadows, 55, is reaping the benefits of improving her self care. Having gained of weight following two leg injuries and suffering anxiety after losing loved ones, Jill, of Washington Village, was struggling both physical and mentally. “I lost both parents and...

HELP team get Jack through

When the racing heartbeat that had plagued teenager Jack Shields for weeks suddenly turned to stabbing agony, he knew he had just seconds to raise the alarm. Stumbling into his mother’s bedroom in the early hours of the morning, the 21 year-old managed to slap on the...