Digital Solutions

Key to the success of joined up working is the effective us on new technologies and digital solutions.

A key part of the vanguard programme is to develop this to provide a robust system for information sharing across the city in order to:

  • Avoid people having to repeat the same information to a range of different professionals when moving through the system – to simply  ‘tell their story once’
  • Improve direct patient care – by providing a more effective, efficient and relevant medical information to professionals
  • To improve business intelligence – so we understand what exactly is happening in health and social care across the city

To ensure this happens effectively some major pieces of work are operational in Sunderland. They are:

The MIG (Medical Interoperability Gateway)

The MIG (Medical Interoperability Gateway) a new system for accessing patient records is being rolled out across the North East region, helping medical professionals to provide better, safer emergency care for local people. Providing secure, real time access to a summary of GP held records for health professionals.

If health professionals can access the most up to date information about your health quickly and easily, they can give you better advice and provide safer and more effective care. You will spend less time answering the same questions that you have already been asked in other parts of the system, only telling your story once.

The electronic system will include details that are already shared using slower methods of communication, like phone calls and letters. The patient will be asked by the healthcare professional caring for them for consent to access their record. This will include details of medical conditions; medication; operations and treatment and tests that have been requested or carried out, but will not contain information about sensitive discussions the patient has had with their GP.

Everyone in the region will be included in the initiative, if a patient chooses to opt out, their information will not be available to health professionals. Any patient who would like to discuss any concerns or find out more can do so by picking up a leaflet at their practice or speaking with one of the practice team.

This project is supported by CCG’s, NHS Trusts, out of hours GP services, North East Ambulance Service and GP practices across the North East.