Falls prevention programme

Prioritising falls prevention through an integrated approach across Sunderland

Falls is a significant problem for older people in the North East. The number of people aged 65 to 79 who fall is considerably higher than the England average. The rate of emergency admissions for hip fractures is the highest in the country.

In January 2017, the Multi-Agency Falls Steering (MAFS) group was formed in Sunderland with members from across the whole All Together Better programme, including primary and secondary care, social care, mental health, public health, voluntary services, care homes, housing, ambulance services and more; to review the existing Falls Strategy and develop an integrated falls-prevention system across the city.

Project manager Catherine Roberts continues to engage with a wider stakeholder group, which is growing, and most recently has had a successful meeting with the Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service to discuss a “Safe and Well” initiative that includes falls prevention, low level intervention and referral on, within a home safety check.

Chaired by Dr Andy Davies, the MAFS group has met three times and has already reviewed existing resources and interventions. The group will be meeting shortly to plan and develop further a new integrated falls system.

Anyone currently working in falls prevention in Sunderland who has not yet been contacted by Catherine please get in touch atb@nhs.net.

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