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Help us shape the future of primary and social care in Sunderland

Since September 2015, health and social care services in Sunderland have joined together with other providers, including third sector partners, to reshape and deliver a new way of working under an NHS ‘vanguard’ programme known as ‘All Together Better”.

One of 50 vanguard sites, Sunderland has been at the forefront of developing proactive; rapid response and co-ordinated care to the people who need it most, and continues to radically change the way health and social care services are structured and delivered across the city.

Organisations who commission (choose and buy) and those who provide health and social care services across Sunderland are now looking at the potential development of a Multispecialty Community Provider (MCP) which will bring further integration beyond the vanguard programme.

Based on what we have learned over the last few years, the proposed MCP will bring significant benefits to service delivery and we want to ensure we bring communities with us on this journey of change.

A new approach to ‘out of hospital care’ in Sunderland – give us your views

The MCP is new approach to out of hospital health and care services. It has been developed to ensure that our care systems work together to meet the future needs of the local population and deliver the effective, seamless care that the people of Sunderland deserve.

We want your views

Between 8 November and 13 December 2017, engagement will focus on gathering feedback from the public, and stakeholders representing the public on the plans presented in the prospectus.

For more information and to get involved visit Sunderland CCG’s MCP information page