How to submit to the PPC Panel

The development of a Public, Patient and Carer Panel (PPC Panel) provides a useful reference group for the ‘multi-speciality community provider’ or MCP vanguard programme in Sunderland.

It is not be a decision-making group but will provide robust assurance to add credibility to proposals and decisions made by the relevant vanguard groups and the various commissioner and provider MCP programme groups. Where appropriate, commissioners and providers may adapt proposals based on the Panel’s view/recommendations. If they choose not to respond, members should report back their reasoning to the PPC Panel.

To deliver this, All Together Better Sunderland has commissioned Age UK Sunderland (AUKS) to test the validity of such a panel including the recruitment process; training of members; administration of meetings and reporting, with a view to begin referral/submission to the panel in the Autumn [from September, 2017].

It is anticipated that as the Panel becomes more established and gains credibility with health and social care services across the city applications to the Panel for comment; view and assurance will increase.

Groups and meetings

At present the suggested groups who are most likely/should submit items to the panel are:

  • MCP Executive Team (MCPET)
  • Community Integrated Team Information and Assurance Group CIT IAG
  • CIT D&P
  • RaH planning group
  • ED interface planning group
  • Self-care Implementation Group
  • PAM Activation Group
  • Multi-Agency Falls Steering (MAFS) Group Other workstreams that may seek assurance from the Panel include
  • Sharing and learning
  • Organisational development
  • Communications.


The MCP Executive Team can submit a proposal direct to the Panel, or it might request a workstream/group/team submit something for review in response to a piece of work submitted to them if it is felt it requires a public, patient and carer perspective.

At the same time, an individual group may seek review or comment from the Panel before presenting something to the MCPET.

The process guide which incorporates the submission form available under ‘Related documents’.

  • Groups who wish to submit something to the panel will first complete a cover sheet which summarises the report or item for review; which Panel meeting they would like to attend and a primary contact/author.
  • Papers will be provided to the panel before a meeting, however, all submissions should be presented by a representative at the meeting to provide details and a response to any queries from the panel (to speed up the review process).
  • The Panel can be asked to call an extraordinary meeting if a response is deemed urgent.
  • If a workstream/group/team wished to consult the Panel with a single question – rather than a full proposal, this too will be considered by the PPCP chair and administrator. The Panel would then be approached virtually without a full panel meeting.