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Recovery at Home

Recovery at Home – 24/7 multi-agency community-based response from a single hub with telephone triage.  Includes community-based bed units.

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The Development of Recovery at Home 0217

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Community Integrated Teams

Community Integrated Teams – bringing a range of health  and social care professionals together with 3rd sector partners and practices to lead and develop a multi-disciplinary team approach to developing individual health and social care plans.

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Developing Community Integrated Teams 0217 – slide presentation
Guide to Risk Stratification
Gide to Multi-disciplinary working


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Enhanced Primary Care
Enhanced Primary Care – how the Sunderland GP Alliance delivers a range of projects at practice level using technology and new ways of working to tackle high dependency patients in the city.
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SGPA – Progress and Lesson Learned 0217
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Multi-speciality Community Provider (MCP)
MCP – developing a single organisational model – transitioning from ‘providers’ to provider.
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MCP development – 8 Pillars 0217


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Care Homes Technology
Care Homes technology – how new technologies are enabling care home staff manage care and pre-empt urgent and emergency situations for residents.
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Sunderland Care Home Digital Tablet Case study – Multi-Speciality Community Provider
NEWS clinical response for care checklist – care homes tech
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System Leadership and the people-side of change

System Leadership and the people side of change – developing managers and supporting teams through change to ensure they are equipped to sustain truly integrated working into the future and prepare for the potential of being a single organisation.

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7 steps to an OD framework 0217
Systems-Leadership-A-view-from-the-bridge (3)
System Leadership Brochure_FINAL_Web version

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Communications and engagement

Communications and engagement – supporting both staff and the public to understand the new care model, ensuring engagement and involvement through change.

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Public, patient and carer information – how we engaging our communities
Partners and professionals pages – lots of information including publications; guidance and factsheets as well as staff engagement
News pages – for case studies and coverage
Communications and Engagement ‘start up’ poster – tools and techniques put in place first


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