Staff Update Bulletins

Here you can find update bulletins for the latest news about ATB for staff.

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Staff Update - Summer 2017

Our third bulletin includes:

  • Programme update by PMO lead, Andrea Adams
  • MDT guidance and risk stratification update
  • Self-care update

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Staff Update - April 2017

In our second bulletin:

  • Two years an onward
  • New MCP Management structure
  • Next steps on the five year forward view

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Staff Update - December 2016

In our first bulletin:

  • Further funding boosts our chance to share the good work
  • Staff survey results
  • Tell us how great
  • You’re taking Sunderland on a national high
  • Your own risk stratification
  • MDT memberships can be extended
  • Co-ordinating care through a key professional
  • Roadshows continue
  • Social media – tweet, post, share
  • Use the website
  • Over to you… Sue Hughes
  • Subscribe and follow

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