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Workstream Case Studies

Community Integrated Team Networks Case Study – June 2017

As each of the five Community Integrated Teams (CIT) became more established, and the work within the Multi Disciplinary Teams drew in more teams and services, the definition of a single ‘team’ didn’t reflect the ever increasing scope of the work being undertaken.

Services including those provided by pharmacy, mental health, palliative care nurses, practice nurses and managers, which are not co-located with the community nurses and social care staff, but vital to the work, needed re-defining.

ATB MDT case study June 2017
Multi-disciplinary teams Case Study – June 2017

Integrated working is a critical part of the All Together Better Sunderland vanguard new care model and in October 2015 Multi-disciplinary teams (MDTs) were introduced as a key part of the delivering truly joined-up care across Sunderland via practices and the wider Community Integrated Teams.

ATB MDT case study June 2017

Risk Stratification and Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) Meetings Case Study – July 2017

The All Together Better Sunderland care model aims to reduce the likelihood of people going to hospital, either as an emergency or as an avoidable admission primarily by bringing together a range of communitybased health, social care and community/voluntary providers.
ATB MDT case study June 2017
Community Integrated Teams Case Study – July 2017
Community health teams and social care staff within Sunderland previously worked separately, with some collaboration, but still within their clearly defined roles on either side of the care divide.