Organisational Development (OD)

Organisational Development OD) is service improvement through people and uses an action research approach to change, ensuring employee voice is heard.

We have offered OD support to partner organisations working with integrated and organisational teams to help manage the change and integration of services using bespoke approaches to help staff and managers tackle issues and design interventions specific to their teams.

Bespoke work was carried out with colleagues in the Sunderland GP Alliance, Age UK Sunderland, Sunderland City Council, and South Tyneside NHS Foundation Trust as well as with the Community Integrated Teams to develop shared purpose and work together.

Leadership support has been key to the process and the OD lead has contracted with the partner organisations to deliver individual and group leadership-development to support change and to develop system leadership.

Person-centred and systemic leadership approaches have been used to help system leaders at all levels build relationships, improve services, share and learn and understand ‘self’ in relation to change.