Enhanced Primary Care

All Together Better is made up of three distinct parts. Enhanced Primary Care is one of them, and it will see GPs in Sunderland work to create a better model of care that supports those with at least one long term health condition.

Enhanced Primary Care is targeted towards people who have one or more long term health condition, and who depend on support, but who are not counted among the frailest in the city.

The 12 per cent of Sunderland’s population that this group covers make use of some 36 per cent of healthcare resources. All Together Better aims to explore how this group of people can be better supported, delivering care to them in a more sustainable way.

Representatives from many of the city’s GP practices – who are often closest to the individuals living with long term health conditions – are working to redesign care for these people, looking at how they can deliver the best possible level of care, while also ensuring it is delivered in the most efficient way possible.

GPs are considering: how they can use the latest technology to deliver care within patients’ homes; delivery of more services in the community to make it easy for people to access support; how they can support patients to manage their own condition more effectively and understand what they can do to prevent their health deteriorating; and the use of IT to allow patients to access care in new and innovative ways.

More information on some of the new-look services borne out of the Enhanced Primary Care programme will be shared soon.

This part of the programme is being supported by the Sunderland GP Alliance.