Sharing and learning

One of the key purposes of the Vanguard programme was to help shape future care models that will be delivered right across England.

In order to understand what delivers the best outcomes for people and their communities, vanguard sites undertook new and innovative ways of working, taking a system, or place-based view of health and care delivery.

Sharing and learning the experiences of this new way of working is a fundamental objective of the programme, and enables the impact of the lessons learned to be understood far and wide. This process of sharing and learning is two-way, with All Together Better Sunderland seeking experiences from other programmes and systems to help shape and refine its new care model.

Topics where it is felt that All Together Better Sunderland has an experience or story to share include the following:

  • GP & Care Home Alignment
  • Workflow Optimisation
  • Ambulatory ECG in locality hubs
  • Insulin initiation in locality hubs
  • GP locum bank
  • Map of Medicine
  • Community Integrated Teams
  • MDTs and Care Planning
  • Risk Stratification & CaseloadĀ Finding
  • Care Coordination
  • Locality Networks
  • Mental Health Integration
  • OD & Integration
  • Business Intelligence
  • Recovery at Home
  • Patient Activation Measures (Self Care)
  • Social Prescribing (Self Care)
  • MCP Development
  • Information Sharing
  • EPaCCS
  • Telehealth
  • Staff engagement
  • Public engagement
  • Branding

Should you wish to share and learn with All Together Better Sunderland please contact